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"I know you think you heard what I was saying, but that's not necessarily what I meant."  Unknown


What clients say about Personality Dynamics Business Training

“When I brought Personality Dynamics in to provide training for my company we learned easy ways to recognize patterns, behavior and preferences of our team members and our clients. It gave us a common language and a baseline for understanding people and how to work with them most effectively. The program has had a positive impact for working together internally as a team as well as interacting with clients.  The information Susan shared also helped us hire right-fit new team members by understanding the ideal personality type for different roles within the organization and balances the skills and talents of the team. It reminded us that we don’t have to hire more people like us, but more importantly, the right person for the position. Knowing each other’s personality type and style has also helped us reduced some tension and frustration that were based on the dissimilar perceptions and communication styles of the different personality types.

I also brought Susan in to provide personality training for our National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Sacramento Valley chapter Board. It helped us better understand each other’s style and strengths, and improved our ability to communicate and collaborate.”  ~  Anne Staines - Founder and President of ProProse LLC and Sagent – Marketing the Matters.  President, NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) Sacramento Region 2013/2015

“I enjoyed Susan’s Personality Dynamics presentation when I had her speak for my Sacramento eWomenNetwork chapter.  I’m always impressed when I hear Susan speak.  She has a lot of valuable content, is well received by our members and guests, and leaves them wanting more.  She draws people in and engages the audience.  Her topic is very interesting and of great value to women in business.

Using the information I’ve learned from Susan, I feel like I am more in tune with what I’m feeling and thinking, and more in tune to who I am and what I want and need as a person and business woman. 

I highly recommend Susan to other eWomenNetwork Managing Directors and any other groups of women in business, and I plan to have her present at my Second Act Success events.” ~ Marie Wallace, Founder and Catalyst of Second Act Success, Executive Managing Director, eWomenNetwork Sacramento Region

"Personalities are a vital part of our business direction so we can align our people to the corporate message. The personality training our employees received was a great motivator and increased communication efforts with the entire staff." - B.B., Owner, Technology firm


"After taking the Personalities by Color seminar it gave me a new insight to the people around me and why they react the way they do. I realized that I did not have to change myself to make the workplace harmonious. I just needed to adjust my approach with certain colors (personality types). This information has not only improved my working relationships, but my personal relationships have become stronger as well. I would recommend this class to anyone that has to deal with people - which is everyone!!" - L.L, Human Resources Director, Technology Consulting firm

What clients say about Personality Parties

After her Personality Party for her 13th birthday:

"All my friends were really excited. Most of us were the same color. We already had almost everything else in common, and now we knew we were the same color too! It was really fun to know what colors we were and figuring out what colors our other friends, teachers and family were." - Haley H., student, age 13

Haley's mother, after Haley's Personality Party for her 13th birthday:

"The parents really liked it too.  They learned about themselves and their kids.  The kids loved it - they went crazy!  They loved knowing the personality types of their friends and teachers.  It helped the kids to understand their friends, teachers, and people they come in contact and helps them understand why they are the way they are.  It made them more tolerant of teachers they didn't like before because they understood now where they were coming from. They shared the information with their other friends.  I shared the personality information with some friends and relatives too." - Kelli H., Haley's mother

Haley H. at age 18

"We still use the personality colors we learned about at my 13th birthday party to scope out our teachers at school - what color they are and what their personality type is - so we can stay on good terms with them, not offend them, or make them angry.  The personality colors are really fun to use. It was a very good life experience and my friends and I still use the information we learned." - Haley H., at age 18


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