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"Our core personality traits define who we are, how we gather information, and how we make decisions.  In this complex world of family, social, casual, and work-related interactions with people, we are constantly reminded that we are not all the same."  Carol Ritberger, Ph.D.

 Business Training 
Business Training


Mastering the art and science of personality can enhance your ability to understand others, communicate more effectively to improve sales, create high performance teams, as well as facilitate group problem solving and conflict resolution.  It can also help you hire the right person for a job or find a job or career that optimizes your strengths, talents and preferences. Whether you are a solopreneur, entrepreneur, business owner, manager, sales person or household engineer - understanding personality can help you create more rewarding relationships.

Learn how to enhance business connections by understanding:

  • What makes people - your clients, bosses and co-workers - think the way they do
  • How they gather and process information, and make decisions
  • Their needs and motivations
  • How to speak with them in their own language to put them in their comfort zone

Do you ever wonder:

  • Why misunderstandings and miscommunication often sour relationships?
  • How to work effectively with people whose personalities and communication styles differ from our own?

Learn to identify your own personality type as well as recognize the personality type of others to boost your business success. When we understand why people think and act the way they do - differences become more tolerable, we improve the ability to communicate effectively and minimizing the potential for conflict.

Below are some examples of personality training available geared toward business and of how you and your business can benefit.


Is your role in business in based on customer relationships? Then you will want to learn:

  • Clues for reading the  personality of others
  • Techniques for interacting with each personality type
  • How to create high performance sales teams

Would you like to train your sales team to understand the business drivers by job function at the C level as well as their likely personality type? Train your sales team to speak to the business drivers in a manner that also addresses the personality needs, motivations and comfort zones of your customers.


If your focus is to facilitate an internal company culture where you draw out the best in everyone and people work together more effectively, here are some training topics for consideration:

  • Time management by personality
  • Introducing change by personality
  • How personalities perceive each other
  • Teambuilding
  • Problem solving styles / Group problem solving
  • Conflict resolution
  • Motivation
  • Managing others

"This is a very valuable and beneficial program to build teams, from Executive level to the analyst. Ms. Rueppel makes something that can be very difficult, fun!" - M.N., President & CEO, Consulting firm


This session is focused for executive and Human Resources management. This process includes defining the types of tasks and traits required for each job within the organization, then mapping to the personality type that would be most effective in that role. This type of job/personality type mapping enhances employee productivity and satisfaction which leads to improved employee retention. Learn how to write the advertisement for your job opening specific to the personality type best suited to the tasks and environment, and therefore attract applicants with the greatest potential for the job.


Call or email today to learn more about customized personality training to fit the size, needs and dynamics of your group. Customized training can be comprised of a two-hour Personality Basics session, a more in-depth half day or full day of training, or successive training sessions to layer on increased competence.

Bring Personality Dynamics to your organization and boost business success!

“I was first exposed to Susan’s personality training for our NAWBO Sacramento Board of Directors when I was incoming president of the organization. In the short time since, I have hired Susan as my business coach where she's helped me use the information about personality types in my hiring process for my own company as well as support me in how I connect and communicate with my NAWBO Board and committee members.

Susan helped me select the ideal project manager by personality type for my business, SpanishOne Plus.  Rather than hire another highly creative person like myself (who doesn’t love a mini-me!?!), she guided me to select someone who excels at the tasks that I don’t enjoy or are not my highest strengths. I could not be happier with my new project manager and she could not be happier having me as her boss! I found a fantastic complement and now delegate more without having to be as involved in the day to day running of the business. It’s freed me up to do what I do best: creatively lead my businesses and the NAWBO Sacramento Valley Chapter rather than be buried in the details!

Understanding about personality types is an instrumental tool in knowing the style of each person, and moving groups and organizations forward by understanding how we are wired, and how best to communicate, collaborate, and leverage everyone’s strengths for a more cohesive whole.  It supports my role as leader of the Board and Chapter.  It helps us find balance within the Board.  It will also be a powerful arrow in our quiver as we beef up the NAWBO committees, by identifying the best fit for the different roles - in a room full of creatives it’s hard to get things done. I’m excited to expose the new NAWBO Board to the personality training as well and highly recommend that any board or leadership team experience Susan’s personality training so they can work together more effectively and collaboratively."

Monica Nainsztein Rodriguez
Founder, Owner and Ideator, SpanishOne Plus
Owner and Ideator, ARB Digital & Design
President, NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) Sacramento Valley 2015/2017

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